Will You Be That Person?

Michael Beck

Will you be that person, none else on earth can be?
Shining with a glory, unique for all to see
Someone sits in darkness, in hope you will arise
Needing just the comfort, to you God so supplies
Your life is like no other, all that you have been through
Has put you in position, to reach a select few
Who hurt in ways like you have, who feel the pain you face
Who want a resolution, but have not found God’s grace

If you will be that person, who God above can use
You must be a person, who godliness will choose
It’s not enough to suffer, for all have tales to tell
But very few with patience, have learned to suffer well
For in each situation, there always are two ways
The one the world does travel, and then the one Christ paved
His way is high above ours, but not beyond our reach
If you will sit before Him, a better way He’ll teach

Then from the feet of Jesus, to all the world you’ll go
Not with your special glory, but with a unique glow
A glorious reflection, a light alone you give
That shows again His story, which in you He relives
And to the ones that waited, for night to turn to day
You will be that person, to lead toward better Way
Encouraged they can follow, because you went before
They now can take their portion, from all God has in store

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.