Why I Love Him

Michael Beck

Lord, I love You
What more can I say?
You have shown me Your goodness
In so many ways

I speak to let others
Know how good that You are
I want them to love You
And come from afar

For I was once far off
Alone in the earth
Drowning my sorrow
In pleasure and mirth

But You tapped my shoulder
When my back was turned
You made Your way toward me
When Your way I spurned

How is it, dear Lord
That You could love me?
When all I could do was
Run carelessly

To all that I wanted
And all I thought good
A beast in Your sight
Doing all that I could

But You were not frightened
By my beastly ways
You knew You could tame me
And now I’m amazed

Who is this man
That once roamed so free
Who now loves to follow
His Shepherd gladly

I marvel at what You have
Done in my life
I praise You, I bless You
For ending my night

A new day has risen
Your Son is above
And I am so grateful
To know Your great love

My one greatest pleasure
Is to let others know
That the same God who saved me
Can save them also

Come! the Lord beckons
Come! says His bride
His arms are wide open
He will take you inside

He will wash you and cleanse you
From the deepest of shame
He will make you His treasure
So you might love His Name

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.