When Life Stands Still

Michael Beck

When life stands still, the life I want
And others have and devils taunt
When prospects melt and dreams stay froze
When doors won’t budge and windows close

It’s then I hear Your still, small voice
“What is your life? You have a choice
Between the things men live to get
And something that is better yet.”

But I want both I answer back
I thought with You I’d nothing lack
Yet as I sit with life on hold
I find myself so dead and cold

I must need more than only You
Or I would not still be so blue
Why do I mourn and groan within
If nothing more is left to win?

“My child, there’s more,” I hear God say
“The more you want is here today
But it’s not found where people look
In dreams come true and storybooks

Life on this earth will never be
A fairytale and sorrow free
Men disappoint and plans will fail
The sweetest joy is sudden stale

And at the end when night falls fast
When all earth’s good is in your past
Will life then cease? Will you be dead?
Or will You live with Me instead?

Behold, today, I am Your life
Though husband goes or ne’er comes wife
Empty or full of life’s fair best
A life with Me can stand each test

If you want more you’ll find in Me
A treasure that the world can’t see
That greater grows in all life’s worst
That deeper fills as dreams are burst

To know Your Father, know His Son
Is life forever. Will you come?
Add through each loss, accrue through trial
More golden nuggets to your pile

Your chambers fill with precious gold
Lay up those things that thieves or mold
Cannot break in to steal away
That will endure till break of day

And when earth’s sun for you goes down
Above will be a golden crown
A day will dawn like none before
And life will be forevermore.”

And with these words my soul took rest
I’ll gladly look past good to best
And when my life seems to stand still
I’ll look to Christ my heart to fill

He is my life, for me to live
Is Him to know and God to give
My every breath until my last
When life begins like nothing past

For in that day of His return
I’ll have fine gold through lessons learned
I’ll laugh in joy that through life’s pain
God engineered eternal gain.

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.