Today’s Game Plan

Michael Beck

I cannot see the future, I cannot change the past
I only have the present to bear fruit that will last
Tomorrow is not promised, it may for me not come
But should I live to ninety, each day is one by one
I can today live poorly, I can today live well
And when my life is over, one thing the tape will tell:
Did I live for Jesus? who died so I might spend
My days in loving worship, on Him did I depend?
Or did I go on “living,” without His daily bread
Feeding on my own thoughts, trusting my own head
Did I live for nothing? except what pleased my eyes
Was my daily portion a fleeting, earthly prize?

If that is what I lived for, and not my Lord’s, “Well done!”
I will deplore the moments, I only lived for fun
I’ll look upon the chances, I had to do things right
And I will mourn the choices, to live my life so light
With Christ, the hope of glory, within me every day
I’ll answer that I didn’t, give Him a larger say
Standing in His presence, before the judgment seat
I’ll have no other moments, there will be no repeat
For just the days He gave me, He’ll hold me to account
According to that given, He’ll want a due amount
And then I’ll see my future, determined from my past
A crown will be rest upon me, or I will be aghast

If joy I plan to enter and not be much ashamed
The present can’t be wasted, the past cannot be blamed
Forgetting what’s behind me, I haven’t time to lose
Today is God’s new treasure, in which again I choose
To live for my own pleasure, to trust in my own way
Or live for precious Savior, within His will to stay
And if I choose the latter, within the Vine abide
My life will fill with bounty, His goodness has supplied
So with this simple game plan, I know what to look toward
My daily Rock and Refuge, through whom a great reward
Belongs to all who trust Him, with joy that is complete
When crowns for earthly labor, are left at holy feet.

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.