The Perfect Gift

Michael Beck

Would you bring Christ a present?
Would you give God His due?
Then live for His good pleasure
And always remain true

The world around you beckons
Foul devils fill the air
But you face greatest danger
From your own anxious cares

The things you think you must have
The way that seems so right
Desires not submitted
That you won’t show the light

These all lurk to slay you
Pretenders to the good
Demanding that you follow
Not God, but what they would

And if you will show mercy
To such deceitful lusts
Instead of acting wisely
With sword to swiftly thrust

Such thoughts and fond desires
Will lead you far away
From God’s most holy pleasure
Into a trap well laid

For devils know your weakness
They wait for perfect time
When you are ripe to follow
When all things look so prime

Their great delight and purpose
To play on your heart strings
Is chiefly to diminish
The glory you can bring

To God who calls you holy
Through Christ who set you free
Oh Satan loves to tell Him
His work in us can’t be –

Enough to keep us faithful
Despite all He went through
Our lives will still be blemished
We can’t be fully true

Oh Lord I want You happy
In me may You proclaim
Your coming served its purpose
You did not die in vain

“Look, at my choice servant
Once dead, but now alive
Who lives not for his pleasure
Who will not let you drive

I am his Lord and Master
My pleasure He lives for
Watch what I do for him
Much good I have in store

He gives a present to Me
Sweet smelling it ascends
To sin he is no debtor
No longer to it bends

My blood has sanctified Him
My work’s a huge success
In him I take much pleasure
And him I’ll surely bless!”

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.