The Loser

Michael Beck

Is it worth it, may I ask?
Can you keep it in your grasp?
Will you own it? Will it stay?
Or will it all be gone one day?
While it glitters it is gold
But it will wither and get old
In your mouth it tastes so sweet
But oh the pain of poison treats
It begs, it pleads, “Come over here!”
It pulls, it draws, it wants to steer
It won’t give up, most merchants don’t
Until they know you’re one who won’t
Bend or bow, at last, cave in
They only go when they can’t win
Who demands this sacrifice?
Who commands you give your might?
Moab’s daughters or their “gods”?
Tag teams do increase their odds
Joseph stood, but Samson fell
Serpent tools weave quite a spell
Esau moaned, but was it true?
Would he die without some stew?
When belly bulged, his hunger ceased
When bill came due his tears increased
You too will pay, but at what cost?
Pleasure gained, but heaven lost?
Take your pick – choose what will go
God Himself or heaven’s foe
What a table they both spread!
Where the living and the dead
Choose what seems to them the best
If God you choose then leave the rest
Like rich young ruler don’t hang on
To what will soon enough be gone
Say goodbye and don’t look back
Stand unmoved in fresh attacks
Learn “no” is such a precious word
When said to sin, in heaven heard
For there the true and living God
Rejoices that upon earth’s sod
There still remains a child who’s true
Who counts the cost and pays what’s due
Who gladly loses earth’s delights
That devils use to steal birthrights.

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.