Tests That Touch Our Treasure

Michael Beck

If you would be tested, then you will have to choose
Between competing treasures, to see which one you’ll lose
Have no doubt about it, you serve a jealous Lord
And He is ever proving, to whom your heart is toward
His love toward you is settled, of this you can be sure
He loved His precious treasure, but you He valued more
His Isaac climbed the mountain, and He spared not the knife
To death His Son was sentenced, so you could enter life
He made the hard decision, before the world began
To give up His own treasure, so we might understand
That tests that really matter, are tests that touch the heart
Where we stand at a crossroads, with one way to depart
That road may be so precious, a path we long to take
Our heart so bound up in it, it’s painful to forsake
But only for this reason, do we give it a “Nay!”
For what we cherish better, we choose another way
And can we even fathom, that God would love us so
That in a choice between us, His own Son He’d let go?
Yet this is how He’s proven, we’re precious in His sight
This is how He moves us, to make a choice that’s right
For now He calls upon us, to love Him just the same
To look upon our Isaacs, and lose them for His name
No matter how inviting, the road before us is
To always pivot from it, into a path that’s His
For if His love was tested, to see what He would choose
And He for us was willing, His treasured Son to lose
Should we not now be ready, no matter what it costs
To crown Him as our treasure, and count all else as loss?
So may it too be settled, through tests that touch your heart:
He is your highest treasure, your chosen better part.

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.