Running from Freedom

Michael Beck

Man’s freedom is his bondage
His pleasure brings him pain
His light becomes his darkness
His glory is his shame
The world he longs to join with
Requires him to bow
The yoke of God abandon
And take unholy vow

The splendor and the glory
Which in this world is found
Can only be his portion
When he will not be bound
To any laws of heaven
To any rule imposed
By God that’s higher than him
Who would his ways inclose

“Break free!” cries out the tempter
“The bands of heaven break
Cast off the cords about you
And to your dreams awake
Guilt and fear be banished
At last declare you’re free
Let no one dictate to you
Become what you will be”

And so the devilish piper
Puts forth his siren call
And those who listen to him
Are destined for a fall
The world and all that’s in it
Will one day pass away
But those who worship Jesus
Will on a new earth stay

Look not at earthly riches
Despise all worldly fame
Care not what all is out there
What good is all the gain
If everything you’ve sought for
Which now does fill your cup
Will soon be gone forever
And never be enough

God Himself must fill us
If we would be at peace
His friendship we must value
If we at last would cease
From restlessness and striving
The world can’t satisfy
In chasing after nothing
We from true freedom fly

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.