Overcoming Rejection

Michael Beck

When the world thinks nothing of you
There is Someone else to please
When His eyes are upon you
Does it matter who else sees?

Bundled in His goodness
Accepted by His grace
The pain of man’s rejection
Is healed in God’s embrace

Christ, God’s perfect beauty
The sinless, spotless Lamb
Was deemed a foul transgressor
To reconcile stained man

When God thought nothing of us
When sin had made us vain
He sent His Son from heaven
To bear the deadly pain

Yes, men on earth despised Him
No beauty did they see
He carried all our sorrows
And bore them patiently

But greater pain He suffered
Than stripes upon His back
When desolation entered
And heaven’s skies turned black

“My God, my God,” He cried out
Father, please behold!
But wrath lay hard upon Him
Abandoned was His soul

He who knew not one sin
Who never went astray
Who lived to please His Father
Became man’s sin that day

What earth is prone to look at
To want and call its good
Holy eyes deem nothing
And choose what heaven would

Lamb upon the altar
To take man’s sin away
Became the lifted serpent
So we could find our way

Into God’s holy favor
Where His pure eyes are fixed
Through faith we stand accepted
In Christ we have been picked

Jesus bore rejection
From man and from His God
So we could find acceptance
Above this earthly sod

If He should know such sorrow
A nothing should become
Should we seek man’s approval
And care not that there’s One

Whose eyes are now upon us
Whose favor is assured
Whose love is not in question
Upon us has been poured

Love Him who first has loved you
Before you looked His way
Let heaven be your portion
Whatever earth may say

Let every sting of sorrow
That comes when men won’t see
Be cause to turn toward heaven
To arms spread on that tree

His loss was for this purpose
That favor you might gain
Live to tell your Savior
That He died not in vain

Delight in God who wants you
Glory in His grace
The Son above shines brightly
Welcome His embrace


Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.