More Like Jesus

Michael Beck

How can I share Christ’s power, if weak I will not be?
How can I share Christ’s riches, if I hate poverty?
How can I share Christ’s glory, if I seek earthly praise?
How can I know His suffering, if I want sunny days?

If I’d be more like Jesus, more broken I would be
Waiting on my Father, a yoke would rest on me,
No angels I’d commission, I’d know my Lord’s command
Each stone would keep position, no bread would I demand

My ear would better listen, my judgment would be just
There would be no confusion, if this would be my trust:
That God speaks to the humble, who seek not their own will
If I would be a pauper, my coffers He would fill

And if I’d see true beauty, in that one lovely face
Marred far beyond all others, an object of disgrace
I wouldn’t mind a Judas, I’d wear a crown of thorns
No ropes would have to bind me to sacrificial horns

Do I then want to know Him, if I want full control?
He left His throne in heaven, can’t I leave throne I stole?
No power but His power, should ever work in me
I offer Him my weakness, to gain authority

His mind and thoughts I cherish, so valuable to guard
To have them ever in me, my own I must discard
I always need remember, the way that He walked in
All outside of His glory, the Father now calls sin

That glory found in Jesus, which darkness could not see
Is what I should reach after, and long to one day be
Conformed to His own image, by darkness also cursed
So glory will come after, if I will suffer first

Lord, help me in this journey, where all works for my good
Though everything around me, is not the way I would
Be glad to always find it, where sun above won’t shine
I’ll take the darkest chapter, if Jesus is more mine

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.