Life’s Unexpected Moments

Michael Beck

Surely it is nothing, you reassure yourself’
Other people get this, we enjoy good health
The test will make it certain, we all will say we knew
Then life will roll on happy, as pain we won’t go through

Then somewhere out of nowhere, a blast rips through your ear
A sound like roaring freight train, you never thought you’d hear
Not in the far off distance, not out there in the world
But bearing down upon you, then sudden you are hurled

No, this cannot have happened, you say while still in shock
This must be a nightmare, the grip of fear you block
But then in quiet horror, it starts to settle in
A strange, new night surrounds you, a dark that’s never been

I wish I could assure you, that you will be immune
That life will throw no curveballs, as merrily you’ll zoom
Unto a happy ending, where skies above stayed bright
But I have learned the hard way, that day can turn to night

One thing above all others, will give you what you need
For life’s surprising journey, where nothing’s guaranteed
He is a friend called Jesus, who weathered all life’s worst
Who walked through pain and sorrow, but never broke or cursed

A peace was given to Him, because He was God’s man
And all He had to go through, was in the Master’s plan
Although at times it looked like, He would not reach His goal
He kept a calm assurance, that God was in control

The world and all its terror, could not destroy the Son
Death and all its shadows, would never overcome
That Life so firmly planted, within the Father’s grip
Whose face so shined upon Him, that nothing made Him trip

To have a friend in Jesus, to travel life with you
Is strength for any journey, a light that will shine true
But if you hope to know Him, and have His peace always
Now put your life in His hands, before come darker days

And should a freight train hit you, and sudden night descend
You’ll have a Light beside you, upon whom to depend
Just squeeze His hand the tighter, and He will walk you through
Life’s unexpected moments, which He encountered too.

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.