Keeping a Kosher Heart

Michael Beck

Will the ball get rolling, straight down an evil road
Beware the thoughts you’re thinking, beware the sights you hold
The serpent is a merchant, his appetizers free
His bait can get you moving, toward more you should not see
Be quick to spot seduction, don’t fall into the snare
The first look is a killer, unless you are aware
That pretty can be poison, and sweet can bitter turn
See through the sly deception, before you start to burn
Your heart is like a garden, your mind takes in the seed
If you’d be kept from evil, your eyes must never feed
On “food” that is not kosher, on fare which isn’t good
Don’t linger for a moment, on anything that could
Derail from holy pathway, defile God’s holy place
Think twice if it is worth it, to eat again disgrace
The vomit don’t return to, if you are not a dog
Don’t wallow in the mire, don’t be a foolish hog
Remember that your Savior told Satan where to go
When high upon the mountain, he put on quite a show
Behind you, not before you, the devil ought to stay
Don’t let him entertain you, he comes for more than play
The ball he would get rolling, the meal he’d have you eat
Is not to be your interest, if he would quick retreat

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.