Hand in Hand

Michael Beck

Into a future, yet unknown; I venture forth, but not alone
I once faced life, without a prayer; but so it was, I did not care
Where I went from day to day, I went myself, I chose my way
Strange enough, it felt real good, because I did the things I would
Without another butting in – free I felt, and wore a grin
But where I went and what I did, left me where I could not kid
Myself in thinking I was smart, I paid the price to be a part
Of rebel crowd that laughed their way, to God knows where and come what may
But oh the joy of knowing now, the Lord of all to whom I bow
His yoke I wear, His voice I hear, His hand I hold and so no fear
Can grip me in the darkest night or greet me with the morning light
I wake to start another day, in faith He’s there, and guides my way
No matter what I see down here, I know my God is always near
Into His hands I’ve placed my life, I want His best and trust His sight
He knows which way I ought to go, and has sure plans my eyes to show
I can entrust to Him all things and rest assured He’ll goodness bring
For none who walk in Shepherd’s path, fear life ahead or devil’s wrath
Their God is watching with great care, the road they’re on, He knows just where
Their steps should turn, and feet should stand, to fit within His master plan
How wonderful to now awake, to greet my Lord and start to make
My way about with Him above, bundled up inside His love
Knowing He with Father eyes, is looking forward to surprise
His child with presents that will bring, a joyous heart that makes me sing
His praises as I call Him good and wonder how again He could
Delight my soul in what He’s brought, so far above all that I thought
He had in store with me in mind, His special gifts come just in time
And so with such a childlike faith, that God is good and undertakes
To bring about a future bright, which I will see with my own sight
I live no longer with no prayer, a foolish grin I do not wear
But ear to ear I have a smile, as Father goes with me each mile
Involved He is, I like it so – hand in hand, we both will go.

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.