God of the Weary

Michael Beck

Who can bear my weary heart?
Which I myself can’t bear
I’m tired of this road I’m on
Where daily I despair
When will it end? This marathon
That has become so hard
I look in vain for freedom from
This prison without bars

To have someone to comfort me
To strengthen my weak knees
To give me just a helping hand
To have a heart that sees
But in my weakness, in my pain
The frightened run away
They cannot bear my heavy heart
They’d rather hear me say:

“All is well” – when it is not
“I’m fine” – when I’m a wreck
“I’m happy” – though I’m miserable
“I’m whole without a speck
Of weakness, sadness, hurt, or pain.
A conqueror, that’s me!
A winner who is never down.”
That’s who they’d have me be

But God allows them to retreat
So He alone might come
To give me what they cannot give
Begin when they are done
He knows just what I need to hear
His timing’s always right
I cannot frighten Him away
No matter what my plight

So help me Lord to run to You
When others seek the door
Take my hand when morning breaks
Ere feet have touched the floor
Throughout my day be present help
The Refuge that I seek
Give to me my daily bread
Be strong when I am weak

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.