Getting No Respect?

Michael Beck

If ever one was worthy of more than what he got
The Son of God the Father deserved a better lot
He came to dwell among us the Light to show the way
But darkness would not hold Him, it fled the light of Day
Into our midst He entered, Creator of the world
Out of our midst we sent Him, ingratitude we hurled
“No thanks, we do not need you, nor want you in this place,
Get lost, we’ll do much better, when we don’t see your face
You’re coming is not welcome, we’re turned off by your light
We don’t like your agenda, you’re really not our type.”

And so to one who never, did any wrong to man
Who only brought salvation, with healing in His hand
An instrument was fashioned to rid Him from our sight
A cross which fully stated how darkness hates the light
For what good word true spoken, were gracious lips so beat
For what good work among us did nails go through His feet
For none, just like He told us, “I’m hated without cause.”
And this should well instruct us and this should give us pause
For never was the distance between the weighing pans
As great as when Creator was killed by creature’s hands.

And if our wise Creator would come to such a place
Where He with no illusions, knew we would mar His face
So curse and spit upon Him, so mock and ridicule
Should we become indignant when we are thought a fool?
And if we’re justly smitten for wrongs that we have done
Should we become embittered that praises we’ve not won?
But if when we’ve examined ourselves and know it’s true
Not for a fault we’re pummeled but wrongly suffer too
If we respond with patience and take it like He did
Above we’ll hear the praises that now below are hid.

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.