For Beauty Better

Michael Beck

She had her chance to win me; at times she almost did
Had not a find much greater, all thoughts of her full rid
I wonder if her better had never come along
Would I now sing her praises, content to join the throng
It’s not so hard to figure why many turn her way
Without a beauty better, her beauty tends to sway
She holds a certain promise and has her several charms
But for my beauty better I’ve left her outstretched arms
For ever since the moment when One beyond compare
Revealed a greater glory I cannot call her fair
Why should my eyes be on her; why should I seek from less
All that I have most fully from Beauty who has blessed
My soul with untold comfort, my path with life and peace
I know to look no further to find such sweet release
From fears that would torment me, from doubts that nag the soul
I have a perfect refuge in One by whom I’m whole
But nay that crowd calls to me, “You cannot leave our fold!
The hope you have is futile, our lover you must hold!
Scorn her at your peril; leave us if you will
But know that death awaits you – all heretics are killed.”
Although I’ve heard such threatening and once believed it true
I will not leave my Beauty, to whom my love is due
Yet for the fearful masses who wish their hope to share
I offer to my Beauty a deep and heartfelt prayer,
“Lord Jesus show Your glory! Win them to You alone!
Help them forget so fully the others they have known.
May they see You deserving to hold the highest place
May they for beauty better forget the fairest face.”

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.