Fleeting Moment

Michael Beck

Fleeting moment, what are you?
That leaves me nothing when you’re through
For just as soon as you were here
You sped right by in highest gear

And here I stand within your wake
Though small you were, how large your take!
You came and went with frightening pace
And left behind a bitter taste

For though you once filled up my hand
For you I never really planned
I took for granted what you gave
And from your gift forgot to save

I thought I could soon bank on more
Of moments which you would restore
But once you’re gone you don’t come back
Your loss increases what I lack

And as you string from day to day
The loss compounds which I must pay
The bitter fruit which I have sown
Grows up where good now might have shown

I marvel now how great you are
The fool I was to not see far
And realize you deserved my best
The night has come but I can’t rest

For dreams that could have been fulfilled
Have faded fast for you I’ve killed
Each day you died beneath vain knife
Although you were the stuff of life

And now I come unto my end
Regretting days that I did spend
On nothing that is now redeemed
Though at the time it really seemed

That all I did was right indeed
But now for more of you I plead
I need you now, I cherish you
I promise you will get your due!

Alas, I hear your mocking laugh
“The gift I gave has finally past”
“Gone!” you cry “Too late you’ve learned!”
That I should not be daily spurned.”

“For though from day to day you thought
I’d be around again be brought
I leave you now. Farewell my friend,
You loved me not! For you I end.”

And so I lay upon my bed
Awaiting that which I most dread
The last of you is in my view
The friend to whom I was not true.

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.