Michael Beck

Content I am to be without if godliness I gain
If Christ I lose in quest of fun then saddle me with pain
No wilderness will I despise if Christ is with me there
No pots of flesh will I lust for if manna is my share
Take all this world would give to me and place it in the pan
Compared to Christ, I count it dung, fit for a garbage can
Let men of time be satisfied with all down here they get
Eternal good is what I seek – pleasure without regret
May I awake on yonder shore with likeness that I sought
For which the world’s best offering, my soul will not be bought
“A little while, and I will come” I hear the Master say,
“Then he who did on earth My will shall never pass away.”

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.