By My Spirit

Michael Beck

Who knows the way of the Spirit?
Predict the way of the wind!
If it was all so simple –
On such all our hopes would be pinned

But God, who causes an infant
To grow in the midst of the womb
Knows how to make something of nothing
Calls Lazarus out of the tomb

How do we then each come to know Him?
Will one write it down all for us?
When all has been said and is finished
May we not forget our JESUS!

For He is salvation’s true Author
Why should we look further than this –
The Spirit revealed to us sickness
The Savior appeared to our bliss

This One who before was unwanted
At once became all that we need
And from the fool sins that had chained us
At once we were rescued and freed

Preach Jesus my friend and no other!
Casting seed to whomever you go
Knowing not if this one or another
Will receive it and finally grow

But remember in all of your sowing
The Spirit holds marvelous keys
To open the heart unto Jesus
Not law, neither method or creed

Go forth and declare by the Spirit –
The kingdom of God has appeared!
And Jesus can conquer each rebel
And save them from sin they should fear

Speak much of the great, good Physician
Speak less of the wound He would heal
By Spirit, dumb lips bold confess Him
By Spirit, stiff knees humbly kneel.

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.