But for God

Michael Beck

But for God, and His great grace, I know just where I’d be
Consumed in my own little world – so wrong, but right to me
Feeling sorry for myself, seeking those to blame
Parents, spouse; yes, God Himself – refusing my own shame

But for God, and His strong hand, my sins would rule my life
Deceived, enslaved, but justified – although a child of strife
Victim of my circumstance, hating my cruel fate
Bitter toward both God and man, epitome of hate

But for God, and Shepherd’s rod, my soul would be far gone
A fool I was, a fool I’d be – some devil’s little pawn
Claiming freedom, relishing, that I could do my thing
While powers dark had their own way in pulling hidden strings

But for God, and His dear truth, my eyes would be closed shut
My ears so dull, my heart so hard, my life in one, big rut
Making idols out of things that all will pass away
Waiting for the end to come, the piper soon to pay

But my God, You rescued me, from all that could have been
Each day You’ve been right by my side to keep me from my sin
You haven’t given me a pass, from trouble, or from pain
But You have kept me by Your grace from all that drives insane

I am a trophy of Your grace, to You all praise belongs
Oh blessed day when You came in, I sing with endless songs
But for You, my Lord my God, what awful sights I’d see
I wouldn’t want to know myself, a different man I’d be

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.