Blessed Enabler

Michael Beck

Stubborn love that won’t let go, what do you see in me?
Others know me, so should you, in time you’ll come to see
I’m not the one you think I am, there’s more than meets the eye
I’ll only disappoint you too and make you also cry
Depart from me, a sinful man! Why won’t you call it quits?
Before the dream you simply hold is sadly blown to bits

Here’s what my son you need to know, but fail to comprehend:
My confidence is not in flesh, on you does not depend
I well agree that you alone will fail before My eyes
That you don’t have what it will take to Me is no surprise
I know you better than you do, I’ve seen your wicked ways
To be the man that I would want beyond your power lays

Why don’t You then just pull the plug, admit it’s not to be
There is no hope, I’m too far gone, we both can plainly see
Just let me die away from You, why won’t You walk away?
The faith I have is not enough to please You night and day
It started well, but comes to this, I ask for Your own sake
Let me go, find someone else, it’s time to make a break

Don’t think that it is over, I plan to fight for you
The work that I have started, I long to see it through
I’m not like any other, I give all that you need
The only way we’re finished is if you won’t believe
My Son who lives within you is faithful to perform
If you keep looking to Him to Him you will conform

I turn my eyes to Jesus, who is my only hope
Without Him, I am nothing, Lord thank you for this rope
You throw to me while drowning, a lifeline I hold dear
Without it I’d go under, beneath a sea of fear
Keep me, my Lord Jesus, make me by Your grace
The man You’ve always wanted, who finishes his race.

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.