Beware the Silent Treatment

Michael Beck

Silence can be deadly. Ask Amnon, he found out
When bitterness is brewing, beware the sudden spout
That spews with shocking rancor that hid beneath a smile
That bursts with pent up fury though dormant for awhile
Others it will speak to, painting you a cad
But all you hear is silence: no words, not good or bad

Two years a brother waited, he thought that all was well
But underneath the surface, a heart of madness swelled
A fountain can turn bitter, a thousand different ways
From little sleights to awful fights, the mind begins to craze
Cruel plots are formed in secret, as devils stir the pot
Revealing new offenses, so anger will stay hot

Perhaps Tamar sat weeping, or David let you down
It might have been so minor, but it is major now
Consuming in its focus, so right, that it is wrong
Building toward crescendo in tune with vengeance song
Sometimes you hear it coming and wonder what to do
Sometimes without a warning, it jumps all over you

For little did you know it, your words hurt feelings deep
Sores began to fester, while you were sound asleep
The things you thought were over, that you had put to bed
Were ever bubbling over, were nowhere close to dead
An enemy was rising, while only in your dreams
A friend was like a brother, but not all that he seemed

Beware the silent treatment, from those both near and far
Such often speaks so plainly – between you there are bars
No sudden move to make up will soften hardened heart
Without the God of Jacob, your Esau stands apart
Awaiting the right moment, his sword to bring your way
So wrestle with your Angel, until the break of day.

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.