Better Arms

Michael Beck

Alone I am, I need someone, You said it was “not good”
I look around, but cannot find, the one that surely would
Make aches like these, at last find ease, and cause my heart to rest
Why must I wait, in longing pain, without Your blessings best?

So off I go, I hope You know, I pray You’ll not be mad
For I can’t wait, I want a mate, enough of being sad!
My eyes survey, the crowds at play, in hope that there will be
A lovely catch, the perfect match, the one that’s meant for me.

Aha! At last, my sorrow’s past, the one is in my sight!
Did day just dawn, where pain is gone, along with lonely night?
Yes indeed! we’re both agreed, we make a perfect fit
So off we go, to pleasure know, love’s arrow sudden hit.

But what is this? where is the bliss, I thought would from now on
Be always mine, and every time, make restless itch be gone
Lord, was I wrong, to all along, think this would do the trick?
Although it’s nice, it can’t suffice, my loneliness to kick.

“Child you I made, above all else, to find your perfect peace
In One alone, who knows your groans, and gives a sweet release
From every ache, which you can’t shake, when earth has done its best
Come now to Me, at last believe, in better arms find rest.”

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.