Beloved Shelter

Michael Beck

Night is closing in
Outside I have been
Where should I now go? Storm winds start to blow.
I become afraid
Who will give me aid?

Through dark streets I run
Can I find someone
Who will take me in? Who will be like kin?
Though poor and exposed
Doors to me stay closed

Then from up above
I hear words of love
He who dwells on high, He has heard my cry
For me He is moved
With these words He soothes:

“Friend, My shelter take
To My refuge make
Come now fast inside, doors are open wide
Walk no other mile
Stay with Me awhile.”

Lord, till storm subsides
I will with You hide
I have found a place, welcomed by Your grace
To be safe and sound
Though the tempest pound

And when clouds first form
Through each night that’s long
When storm winds increase, when they will not cease
May my anchor hold
May my hope be bold

“Friend, please never leave
That My heart would grieve
Make My home your own, be not all alone
When night turns to day
Please don’t go away.”

Oh when none came through
Jesus it was You
Who stirred by my cries, let me come inside
How can I forsake
Love that was so great?

When my days are done
When my course is run
You will call again, “Come above, my friend!
Leave the awful night
For your mansion bright.”

Then with joyous speed
I will gladly leave
Fly to doors above, to the One I love
Night will then be past
I’ll be Home at last.

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.