When We Must Go Deeper

Michael Beck

“And some fell upon a rock; and as soon as it was sprung up, it withered away, because it lacked moisture.” (Luke 8:6)

There are those who initially receive the Word with joy, but when trials come, they stop receiving the Word and stop having joy in the Lord. They become spiritually dry and slowly wither away. This is not something that inevitably had to happen because they were never really saved to begin with. This happens because of rebellion. “… The rebellious dwell in a dry land.” (Psalm 68:6)

There are serious consequences for not hearing from God and receiving His Word when we are under attack, when circumstances are adverse, when the enemy is moving in for the kill. We must draw near to God and seek Him in such a way that we find Him. We must be as desperate for His blessing as Jacob was when he wrestled all night. We must go deeper in God for the life sustaining words that will keep us from fading away.

The spiritual death of many believers is a slow process. But it is always attributable to one thing – failing to hear from God. And that is not because of silence on His end. It is we who pull away. It is we who harden our heart. It is we who become angry and bitter about our situation and refuse the refreshing, life giving waters that God would give us.

Seek the Lord. Seek His face and His strength continually. Seek His words which are Spirit and life. Through every trial, flourish and grow.

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.