When Emotions are Lord

Michael Beck

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” (Romans 8:14)

Emotions have power. They have the power to get us out ahead of God. But God calls us to be led of His Spirit, not driven by our emotions.

Emotions, such as anger or fear, can arise like a sudden, powerful gust of wind. Their force is great enough to sweep us off our feet. We quickly go into overdrive. We hastily make decisions that we later live to regret. For sheep to be kept from evil, they cannot heed the pull of strong desires or emotions. The voice of their Shepherd must be greater still. If we are to be led in paths of righteousness, we cannot allow the strong wind of any emotion to dictate our goings.

If the power of our emotions are not to get the best of us we must be people of prayer. We must be off and running first to God, giving Him the opportunity to speak to our heart, and bring rest to our soul. Emotions, like the weather, are fleeting. What we feel in the whirlwind of one moment, can easily die down in the next. Our danger is in giving such honor to our emotions that we listen to them instead of God. They do not deserve immediate obedience.

No matter how deep they are, never mistake your feelings for God. Some raw emotion may scream at you to take action, but no emotion should have the final say over what we do. Jesus is Lord; not your emotions. You may not be able to help the way you feel; but your emotions can bow to the one, true God.

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