To Be Seen of Men

Michael Beck

“But all their works they do for to be seen of men …” (Matthew 23:5)

There have always been those who burn to be God’s man of faith and power for the hour. Jesus was keenly aware of motive. He soundly rebuked the religious exhibitionism of His day. When those who majored on outward displays demanded that He prove Himself with signs, He called them a wicked and adulterous generation, and told them no sign would be given them but the sign of the prophet Jonah.

At its root, spiritual fornication is no different than the prostitution rampant in the world. A spirit of harlotry causes a person to publicly showcase and parade themselves before others for monetary gain or the reward of praise. Such a spirit can exist in ministry as well as in a “red-light” district. Ministers can think they are glorifying God by advertising their success in healing the sick and reaching the multitudes but how much of this is self-glorification? A “look at me” spirit has no place in the ministry. Calling attention to one’s self, even in the most subtle and “spiritual” way, in order to gain a reward from the world of men guarantees only one thing: we will have no reward from God above. Pharisees still exist.

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