Pray For Yourself

Michael Beck

“Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.” (Matthew 5:7)

Only those who pray for themselves are in any position to pray for others. When we pray for ourselves we are asking God to help us do the right thing. We are much aware of our ability to go wrong without Him. We are broken and humbled before Him. We are desperate to get the help we need. It is not so much about what others should do; it is all about what we should do.

Out of this place of looking to the Lord for our own need, we can now pray the same for another. We can ask Him to give another the same kind of help we are looking for. Because we realize how great our need is for God, we also realize how great another’s need is for Him. We are not full of judgment towards others; we are full of a heart of mercy. We know unless God shows us mercy and helps us we are undone. We will be no better than anyone else without Him. And so while we ask mercy for ourselves, we ask mercy for others.

God wants us to pray for others. But He wants us to pray for ourselves first. Mercy is on its way to us when we will be merciful toward others.

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