No Gods Before Him

Michael Beck

“And the idols He shall utterly abolish.” (Isaiah 2:18)

When Satan takes Jesus up to the mountain he shows Him the power and glory of this world. He wants Jesus to be captivated by the sight. He wants Jesus to gawk and gaze and be tempted to worship. Isn’t this what people are tempted to do when they see something that is awe-inspiring? Even good men have thrown themselves down at the feet of men and angels who appeared glorious in their sight.

The lust of the eyes is about giving excessive honor to something even to the point of making that thing an idol. This is why Paul calls the covetous man an idolator (Eph. 5:5).

More than ever in this day, both men and women want to be worshipped. They showcase their talents, their brains, their bodies, for others to gaze at and adore. They look to see who’s looking. They not only have their idols, but they want to be an idol. They are driven by an insatiable lust for vainglory. But there is one God, who alone is worthy of worship; and there is one end for all those who wish to take His place – everlasting nothingness.

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