Knowing What God is Thinking

Michael Beck

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

We can think we know the thoughts of another toward us and be totally off base. We can think those who love us hate us; or those who hate us love us. We can count friends as enemies, and enemies as friends. Living in such delusion has consequences, causing us to run the wrong way – away from our true friends, and toward our real enemies.

The worst delusion of all is failing to understand God’s thoughts toward us. The greatest enemy of our soul will always misrepresent God and His intentions toward men. He will tell them God is for them when He is against them, and against them when He is for them. When they should know they are on dangerous ground, the father of lies will pronounce, “Peace, peace.” When God chastens them in love, the deceiver will tell them God is disgusted with them and wants rid of them.

At any given time, God knows the thoughts that He thinks towards each and every creature on the face of the earth. We cannot afford to get Him wrong. Our thoughts are not His thoughts. If His thoughts toward us entail impending judgment, we best flee in repentance to His Son as quickly as we can. If His thoughts toward us are of peace, we best take refuge from every fear in the firm assurance of His loving care.

As for our own thoughts about anything, we read: “The LORD knoweth the thoughts of man, that they are vanity.” (Psalm 94:11) He laments our ignorance of His mind, “But they know not the thoughts of the LORD, neither understand they his counsel” (Micah 4:12).

Be willing to know and understand the thoughts of God toward you. Make His thoughts your thoughts. To fail to do so is to dwell in delusion and darkness.

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.