Getting Help Before It’s Too Late

Michael Beck

“Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness: thou hast enlarged me when I was in distress; have mercy upon me, and hear my prayer.” (Psalm 4:1)

Man is no more able to deal with his own strong desires and emotions than a small creek can contain a powerful flood. Apart from the Spirit of God regulating what goes on in our heart, we overflow with all manner of destructive words and actions. The Lord widens the “banks” of our heart so we can bear more without “breaking out.” He provides us outlets for the proper channeling of what we feel.

Our hearts are fragile and easily overrun. We are not sufficient of ourselves to handle all that arises within them. Is fear or anger or lust building up within you? Cry out to God in your distress. The prayer: “Have mercy upon me!” is a desperate plea for help. Invite God into the rising waters before it is too late. You don’t have to be swept away by any out of control passion. God has a way of escape that you may bear any temptation. He can cause you to stand in the most evil of days.

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