Finding A Kindred Spirit

Michael Beck

“And I am this day weak, though anointed king; and these men the sons of Zeruiah be too hard for me: the LORD shall reward the doer of evil according to his wickedness.” (2 Samuel 3:39)

God looks for those who are of a kindred spirit. He found in David a man after His own heart. (1 Sam. 13:14) David had his moments of incompatibility with God, but more often than not he was in tune with his Shepherd.

David erred when he allowed a hardness to overtake him. He became incensed by the mistreatment of Nabal and prepared to repay evil with evil. Abigail met him before he acted out his murderous design and spared him from much heartache and shame. David knew how to break before God when he was in the wrong. Sensitivity returned and he got back on track with the heart of his God.

A tender heart toward God will produce in us a gentleness with men. There is nothing oppressive in gentleness. The gentle don’t force their will and way on others. They give God time and space to work in people’s hearts, even when they must suffer long waiting for change. Such a spirit of forbearance and longsuffering reflects the heart of the God they walk with.

David’s heart was smitten with grief by the severe attitude and actions of his nephews, Joab and Abishai. Finding out that they had waylaid and murdered Abner he lamented, “You are too hard for me!” The disparity between David and his “mighty men” was great. They were not of a kindred spirit with him. They lacked his heart and the heart of his God.

God is still looking for men and women after His own heart. Will He be pleased by the likeness to Him that He sees in us, or will He say, “You are too hard for Me!” Let God create in you a heart just like His.

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