The Huntress

Katie Millen

“A man that flattereth his neighbour spreadeth a net for his feet.” (Proverbs 29:5)

Today, girls complain that the guys are too lazy and “won’t be man enough” to pursue. But why should the guy waste all that time and energy on pursuing- -when the girls are so easily caught falling all over him?

It must sadden the heart of God that many women not only won’t let the man take the lead, but that they are ferociously on the hunt for male prey. It’s not always because she thinks the guy is so amiable and desirable. . . No, its because the male has something (or rather offers something) that she craves. In fact, she is addicted to this thing. She cannot function without it and will do anything she must in order to acquire it. When her supply starts running low, she begins to panic. And so the hunt is on. . .

What does he have that she craves?

Inside of every girl is a desire to be affirmed by people. Especially by the opposite sex. She wants to be found desirable, the object of someone’s love and affection. The flattery of man elates her, making her feel beautiful and someone of value. But just as flattery brings happiness, when there’s an absence of such attention, she will no doubt be on the hunt for more.

But just as flattery brings happiness, when there’s an absence of such attention, she will no doubt be on the hunt for more.

Men, you can help us ladies by being careful not to flatter with your lips. You don’t realize what a snare you lay before someone when you say things that make a girl’s heart run wild. Do not speak with a “double heart,” saying things in order to provoke a reaction that will suit your agenda. Be wise and understand that your words have power to point her to her Man Jesus, or to yourself.

Ladies, do not look to men for the approval your heart desires. Do not let the praise of man lay a snare for you! Learn how to let compliments “slide off your back” without letting them indulge your vanity. Do not let the flattery of man elate you, while letting their lack of attention depress you. Be careful not to become dependent and “addicted” to the feeling that flattery brings. By caring more about earning God’s praise, you will lose the craving for the praise of man. And oh, what freedom it is not to live for the eyes and approval of people!

May the hunt end with you surrendering your desire to win the praise of man. Stop searching for something that will never truly satisfy and always change. Acknowledge the addiction to getting love and acceptance from people, and ask Jesus to be all that your heart craves. For unlike other lusts and addictions – He always satisfies!

Katie is a wife and mother of three children, residing in New York City. She enjoys any moment she can get writing about the things God is teaching her about motherhood and special needs parenting.