Lies that Prevent True Worship

Michael Beck

Lie # 1 – Giving too much control to a power hungry God, will give Him the go ahead to make you do all kinds of things you really don’t want to do.

Truth # 1 – Surrendering to a mighty God, is the first step in receiving His power to overcome enslavement to your own selfish desires, and to find genuine pleasure in doing His will.

Lie # 2 – Getting too close to an insanely jealous God, will give Him the go ahead to deprive you of every good thing you could otherwise gain in the world.

Truth # 2 – Delighting yourself in an all-consuming God, will deliver you from the snares of idolatry, and allow your life to be rightly ordered in the enjoyment of both Creator and creation.

Lie # 3 – Letting go of who you want to be, to please a clone producing God, will give Him the go ahead to turn you into a freak, that no one can stand.

Truth # 3 – Sacrificing your identity and reputation to a glorious God, will deliver you from the fear of man, and position you to become a unique reflection of Jesus Christ, who though despised by men, is exceedingly beautiful to God.

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