Wise Investment

Michael Beck

“So is he that layeth up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.” (Luke 12:21)

There are bigger things to live for than ourselves. At the center of a covetous man’s existence is himself. What he wants – what makes him happy – what he gets – how people treat him; these are the drivers of his life. He spends himself in pursuit of pleasing himself. His main consideration in anything is: “What’s in it for me?”

Jesus contrasted such a man with one who lived for God, spending his days asking: “Lord, what matters to You? What do You want me to do? What would make You happy?”

So often, men don’t even get to enjoy the treasures they’ve laid up for themselves on earth. Suddenly, their lives come to an unexpected end, and a blank eternity stretches out before them. What had they put in God’s bank? What treasure awaits them in heaven? If they lived for themselves they will wake up in sorrow and terror. All the good they envisioned will be no more, all the riches they accumulated will be gone, they will now be eternal paupers because of their bad investment in themselves.

If you are reading this it is not too late to switch course. Stop being the center of your world. Broaden your horizons. Turn from a small life which is all about you. Love God more than yourself. Invest the rest of your days wisely.

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.