Suffering Without Sinning

Michael Beck

“Who did no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth” (1 Peter 2:22)

Man doesn’t know how to suffer without Christ. We simply don’t know how to suffer without sinning. When we are hurt, we hurt back. The wounds we receive fester over time, turning us into fearful, angry, hateful people. Trauma cripples us. We would be well, but we know we’re not. Life has taken its grim toll on our soul.

In the school of suffering, every one of us gets an F. Self-help doesn’t work. It’s putting a band-aid on a cancer. Jesus is our only hope. Where we all were overcome; Jesus alone overcame. He bore our griefs and carried our sorrows. He took the worst that life in this world could throw at Him, and He stood. In the end, He offered up His sinless, spotless, blameless life for us. Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!

Yes, Jesus suffered without sinning, so that we through Him might do the same. Life and people, even those we expect to treat us the best, will fail us. Every day will have its share of pain. But be of good cheer! Jesus faced the same world we all do. He suffered more than any of us have. He passed every test He faced. In the school of suffering, He got an A+. Come to Him with all your pain, let Him teach you how to suffer without sinning. Through Him, you can also get an A+.

Michael Beck is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and the main author on Signpost. Receive a daily devotional he publishes every morning via email.