Feeding the Heart

Michael Beck

“As in water face answereth to face, so the heart of man to man.” (Proverbs 27:19)

The moment your doctrine makes you proud and feeling superior to others it has become the letter that kills you. If truth does not feed your soul and stir your heart toward obedience it is empty theologizing that puffs up your mind and lulls you into lukewarmness.

We can know so much and be entirely unknown in heaven. Heads grow big and hearts grow small where a “school” of explanation has replaced a ministry of exhortation. Woe unto the flock whose shepherd has erred in his own heart obedience toward God. Men can appear to understand all mysteries and know every jot and tittle of the law but miss its heart which is to love God and our neighbor.

The household of faith suffers more than they realize when an unjust steward is at the helm. The Master of the house will not supply meat in due season to an unfaithful steward. He will have little real food to feed the flock with. Only a life of personal obedience in the things God requires of us will usher us into an anointing that brings life-giving truth to others. Wisdom rests in the heart, not the head, of him that has understanding. Where the heart is not obedient, a head speaks to heads.

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