Getting Over It

Michael Beck

“Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.” (Romans 12:21)

There are situations that are “so wrong” in our eyes that it’s just hard for us to “get over” it. Jesus did not “get over” the wrong around Him by being blind or insensitive to it. He overcame by having a perfect response to an imperfect world. Such a response was a perfect blend of mercy, patience, wisdom, forbearance and longsuffering.

Through what we face, we have so much to learn from the Perfect Man. Simple exhortations to “let it go” or “get over it” don’t work. We don’t necessarily let something go to the point where we cannot intellectually recognize that it is wrong; neither do we so get over it that it cannot hurt, sting, or bother us. We get over it in the sense that it does not cause us to stumble or fall into the sin of an unrighteous response.

Through our exposure to a world that can be “so wrong,” we are made “so right,” as we learn to abide in Christ.

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