Good Subtraction

Michael Beck Michael Beck

“But now he hath made me weary: thou hast made desolate all my company.” (Job 16:7)

Sometimes we need to become weary of the many things that have distracted us from the one thing truly needful. We need to lose the company of men to find the company of God. We need to be in a weary and desolate wilderness in order to turn to the Fountain of Living Waters.

We are afraid of being empty. We are afraid of silence. We can be uncomfortable alone in the presence of God. So we busy ourselves with the many things we find interesting because we have yet to find God interesting. He wearies us. His company is unexciting.

What must be removed from us before we will confront our underlying disdain for the God who has been waiting in the wings for our company and fellowship? The Lord gives and He takes away. Sometimes, the subtraction is necessary.

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